The European Regional Products Fairs are aimed at popularization of European Union regulations concerning the promotion and quality assurance of food products as well as exhibiting the food products’ variety.

The presentation of regional products will help to discover everything that European countries have to offer and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The European Union takes special care in protecting and cultivating local traditions. Because of the place of origin and traditional methods of preparation, regional farming products and food are specially protected.

The Fairs are a fantastic opportunity for both participants and visitors to get familiar with the outstanding taste and value of the presented products through culinary shows, tastings, and competitions.

The Fairs also feature works of folk artists and craftsmen. The techniques and methods of production, which have been cultivated in their families and passed on from the fathers to next generations, are always popular and gather amazing numbers of enthusiasts. Craft shows and workshops conducted by the best professionals from all over Europe are especially admired.

It is our greatest ambition to make the Fairs one of the most significant events in regional products’ promotion and development. An event which the manufacturers can use to share their experience as well as discover cultural similarities and differences.

The Fairs are complemented by a series of conferences and seminars dedicated to regional products. The aspects of their production and distribution seem most important in the times of modern market economy.

The Fairs are also a great opportunity to enjoy live performances from pop stars and local folk bands.

The program of the Fairs is addressed to people of all walks of life. Its unique atmosphere and the opportunities to get familiar with the heritage of the European local food industry appeal to both the residents of the Podhale region and the visitors.

If you value the taste and the highest quality of regional food along with the culture and tradition.

Take part in our Fairs.

Have a great time!




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